Grandma Got my Baby a Barbie (short story, except)

… I think every young girl has a moment when they suddenly realize they actually hate Barbie.  It’s truly a watershed moment when a little girl finally stairs Barbie in her freakishly large yet undeniably sexy eyes and pops her head off.  My little girl isn’t there yet.  
       Grandma gave my little girl a Barbie,  completely unsolicited. It’s wearing a pink taffeta, fit and flare ball gown, adorned with metallic butterflies.  She’s painted up with blue eye shadow and equipped with what I would file under unnecessarily large tits. I knew the doll must have been antique by the Princess Diana style sleeves and the hair which, now I’m all in favor of women supporting women, but, girl’s hair was a mess.  It looked like Barbie had endured a few rough nights. I watched helpless as my daughter reached perfectly pudge hand towards Barbie plastic statuesque figure, sighing “Pretty”…


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