Art and Marriage

Thank you for the 100 word prompt: I had fun with this one…though went a little over 100…

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t go.” Jack floundered “You read into everything.” Kayla flailed her arms clapping them at her sides like a penguin, “tone of voice. Tone. Of. Voice!” she pulled groceries from the cart, “Or, how’s this,” Jack continued, “your friend’s art show was boring last time, exhaustingly, but I was sparing your feelings because I know you can’t handle criticism.” “How could you say that?” She snapped, “Oh!” Jack chortled “gotta watch what I say, forgot I was married to Stalin!” “Wow” Kayla dreamed, “Well I’ve news for you Comrade, your friend’s art…pompous!” Kayla grabbed his arm “look” she pointed to balloons against the patterned clouds.  They drifted peacefully above the traffic’s purr. Jack gestured “See that’s art…what your friend does…” 


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