California Dreaming, short story, writing (exerpt)

…I had selected this college because they had given me a free carrot cake.  I love cream cheese frosting so I thought, yeah, Pennsylvania. A Californian’s understanding of geography had lead me to believe that Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania was basically New York.  I knew as soon as the wheels of the plane scratched against the hot pavement. Why had I thought going to school near Chocolate World was a deal sealer?

I lay my bags down in the little cinder block room, standing expressionless as my parents hovered nervously in the doorway.  “Do you wanna unpack Kierse?” Came my mother’s tender voice as she stared at my father anxiously. Silence, “you’re right near the bathroom at least”, my poor mother, God loves a trier. “Do you want to take the campus tour?” I turned to her deadpan. She winced like she’d accidentally crushed a butterfly “Do you want to say hi to your roommates?” I hadn’t notice that they too were standing in the long, grey carpeted room, gazing slightly open mouthed at my motionless form.  I turned my head back to my parents as silence prevailed over the echoes of other student’s excitement. No doubt these girls had looked forward to this moment, the threshold of the future, only to be met by a hunched loon. “Um” my mothe hummed like a wind chime, “this is Kiersen.” She placed her hands on my shoulders, like one might do to a poodle at a dog show, “she’s just a little nervous” she whispered cheerfully, “Oh,” a thought occurred to her, “also, her friend died just before we got here, so…” and for this she used a small voice like a Sesame Street puppet “she’s a little sad”…


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