The Party, Flash Fiction, 100 word, prompt

Friday Flash Fiction Prompt from

They weren’t a perfect family.  They never had clean forks, Mom maintained a small amount of cactuses she named and called her children, no one could stop Baby from eating dogfood, and Dad hid Reese’s in the attic, but they weren’t dysfunctional.  
  “That’s optimistic.” Amy’s husband remarked, observing her fill the cooler with beer.  “It’s fine.” She waved her hand.  
       Amy watched the hotdog piece rocket through the air.  Her brother, gasping yelled, he hadn’t been choking. Lunging at his father, they toppled the pop-up, another deposit Amy wouldn’t get back. The argument rose, Baby waddled to the hotdog, wet, covered with asphalt grime.  The rain pounded; Baby popped the hotdog in her mouth.  


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