20 Followers, soon-to-be Kardashian

Hi everyone!  I’m super excited to have reached 20 followers.  It sort of seems like a small number, given the size and scale of the internet but it’s still exciting to me.  I’m rapidly approaching 30 and recently realized I spent the bulk of my 20s convincing myself that I was mediocre.  I settled in a career that felt safe and straightforward. I think a lot of millennials did this after college, between student loans and the uncertainty of job security, it just didn’t make sense to take risks.  I thought if I had everything else in my life in line, I could be happy in an uninspiring job…turns out I was wrong. To that end, I started this blog and began working seriously on my book of short stories. So, no 20 isn’t exactly breaking the internet, but it feels good to know that someone has read my work other than my bitchy parakeet, Gretchen.  So thank you to my first 20. You’ve made a mediocre mamma quite happy! 

–K. Elle Peach


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